3 Reasons To Always Consult With A Divorce Attorney During A Separation

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When you and your spouse decide to separate and get a divorce, you may assume you can do this amicably and work out all the details on your own. While it's good to try to do this as much as possible, it's also good to consult with a divorce attorney during this process. Consider a few reasons why, and how this type of professional can protect you.

1. You may not be thinking of the future

You and your spouse may be working out details according to your current situation, but what about the future? If you don't have certain details worked out now, this can cost you or create problems for you in the coming years.

As an example, one spouse may agree to pay a certain amount of support to the other for a certain amount of time. What if he or she should lose their job within that time, or face a reduction in pay? Will the payments adjust? What if the other spouse remarries or has someone move in with them? Should the other spouse pay less? A good divorce attorney will understand how circumstances can change in the future and will ensure you're thinking of this as well.

2. You may have overlooked many details about your agreement

A divorce attorney is familiar with situations that divorced couples will face over time, so they can ensure you haven't overlooked any details. For instance, one spouse may agree to maintain health insurance for the children but how will other medical expenses be covered if they're not paid for by the insurance carrier?

Have the spouses worked out holiday visitation for the children or special plans each might have over the summer vacation months? Consulting with an attorney will ensure that you haven't forgotten about any details in your divorce agreement that could cause problems between you and your spouse down the road.

3. Laws may not work as you assume when it comes to a divorce

Laws regarding divorce, support, and child custody vary from location to location and can also change over time. Rather than assuming that the laws work a particular way and that you'll need to pay a certain amount for support or split your property a particular way if you were to fight each other in court, consult with a divorce attorney. He or she can inform you of your rights during a divorce and how the laws work in your area so you don't write up an agreement based on wrong assumptions.

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12 January 2015