Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Own Will

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With the help of the Internet, lots of people are making their own wills nowadays. Although it might seem easy to do with a printed-out will template and a little bit of time, however, it's typically best to leave that job up to a lawyer. If you haven't yet thought about hiring a lawyer to write up your will and final wishes for you, consider these reasons why doing it yourself might not be a good idea.

1. You Might Skip Something Important

Writing out a will can be complicated and challenging. If you have never done it before, there's a good chance that you don't really know what you are doing. Although you might think that an online template will help, you should know that no one's will is a one-size-fits-all type of document. The templates that are out there might not cover all of the properties and things that you need to cover on your own will. Plus, you might forget to list important assets on your will simply because you aren't used to writing up these types of documents. If you work with a good lawyer, however, he or she will make sure that your will includes everything that is important and that your will is valid in a court of law.

2. You Won't Have a Safe Place to Store a Copy

If you store your will in your home, in your safe or with your other belongings, someone could gain access to it when you don't want them to. By keeping a copy at your lawyer's office, however, you shouldn't have to worry about your loved ones not being able to get their hands on your will when it is needed. Plus, you won't have to worry as much about it being tampered with when there is a copy on file at your attorney's office.

3. Someone Might Try to Dispute It

Unfortunately, things can get nasty between family members and friends when someone dies. People might try to fight for your belongings after you die, but if you have a good lawyer, then he or she can make sure that things are executed as you want them to be.

As you can see, for most people, it is worthwhile to hire a lawyer to help with a written will. Luckily, most attorneys don't charge much for this basic service, and you'll have peace of mind in knowing that your will was written and stored correctly. Talk with a firm, like Coley Hennessy Cassis Ewasko Wills and Estates, for more information and help regarding this important document. 


2 April 2015