Beyond Acquittal: Other Services Offered By Criminal Attorneys

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When you hire a criminal defense attorney, his or her job is to work hard and ensure that you are acquitted of the alleged crime, right? Wrong! Whereas a criminal attorney's main job is to defend you from your accusers, this isn't the only thing they do. You should also expect other related services such as:

Coming Up With a Good Sentencing Program

Even though all suspects would love to be acquitted, this isn't always possible. There are times when the evidence against you may be so overwhelming that the best lawyer on the planet wouldn't be able to get you off the hook. This doesn't mean that you won't need an attorney in such a case, because there is still the "little" matter of sentencing.

As you know, there are several sentencing options for those who are found guilty by the court. Do you go to probation, jail or a little bit of both? Are you required to pay a monetary fine or engage in community service? Your attorney's job is to ensure that you get the "best" possible sentencing program if you have to be sentenced.

Providing You with Objectivity

If you are handling your own defense, then it is difficult to remain objective throughout the whole process. For example, you may be blinded by your perception of your innocence to the point where you may decide against other options (such as plea bargaining) apart from pleading not guilty. A defense attorney (who is objective) will provide you with a reality check of your situation and look for alternative ways of handling the issue. For example, if you were charged with a conspiracy, then the lawyer may advise you to become a state witness in return for a reduced sentence.

Explaining Hidden Costs of the Possible Sentences Your Offense

If you are convicted of a sexual assault, then you may be sent to jail and serve your sentence, but that will not be the end of the issue. There are things like sex offender registration, difficulties with obtaining some types of jobs and the stigma that comes with such a sentence. These are hidden costs of sex offense convictions.

Most convictions have hidden costs that you should know about beforehand. Your lawyer will walk you through these costs and advise you on what to aim for should you lose your case.

Every lawyer's dream is to get his or her client acquitted. However, the reality is that this is not always possible. Having a lawyer can mean the different between a death sentence and a prison term with the possibility of parole. To learn more, click here for info about all the services a local attorney can offer you. 


3 June 2015