Proving A Personal Injury Claim Is False

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If you have recently found out that someone is trying to claim they became injured in your store when the truth is they staged the entire incident, you will need to hire a lawyer to defend your rights. Sometimes people will pretend to fall and get hurt in an attempt to collect money so they do not have to work. Here are the steps you will need to take to prove that the condition of your establishment was in no way at fault for the plaintiff's injuries.

Find Witnesses

Go through your receipts around the time of the proposed incident to match up to credit card information for the people who had purchased items in your store. From this, your lawyer will send letters to the people who were in the store to see if they would testify on your behalf as witnesses who had seen what happened during the alleged accident. If your establishment has surveillance tapes, they can be looked through to see who was in the store at the time of the incident, as well.

Analyze Photos And Videos

After the incident took place, you may have taken photographs of the area in question that supposedly caused the patron to become injured. You may also have surveillance tape footage showing the incident in motion. If so, give these belongings to your lawyer for analysis. You may be able to hire someone to look at the way the person carried their body to determine if their actions are staged or genuine.

Hire An Investigator

A private investigator can follow the person who claims to have gotten injured in your establishment to see if they display behaviors that appear as if they did not get hurt at all. If someone falsifies their claim, they may be observed acting normally when they are not around their lawyer or other figures of authority. If this is the case, the investigator will send the information to the plaintiff's insurance company to prove fraud is being conducted. This information can be used in a court of law to prove that your business was in no way negligent, allowing you to win the case.

Conduct Safety Checks

Have a safety evaluation conducted within your establishment to point out areas that need work to make them better prepared for public presence. Ask the company to take a good look at the area where the incident occurred and have them write up a report verifying that there was no reason for the person to claim injury because of something your company had done.

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22 June 2015