What You Must Do To Avoid Liability During An RV Crash

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RVs are among the largest vehicles that are driven for personal use. Because you might only drive your RV while you are on vacation, you may not have the experience to drive your RV safely. Therefore, you may make mistakes that can lead to an RV accident. There are certain unique factors that can determine whether you are found responsible for the accident.

You Must Make Yourself Visible

RV handling is different from the handling of other types of vehicles. It is the responsibility of the RV motorist to make others aware of the RV's presence. If you believe that another motorist does not see you, make sure to slow down and provide the motorist with more room. 

You Must Not Overload Your RV

Since RVs are heavier than other personal vehicles, they can be more challenging to stop, especially when they are overloaded. If the plaintiff is able to establish that your RV was overloaded, this could be used as evidence that you should be held liable. Because your RV has a greater stopping distance than that of smaller vehicles, make sure that you stop sooner to reduce the risk of an accident.

You Cannot Make Sharp Turns

Because of the size, an RV cannot make turns as sharply as other vehicles. If the position of other vehicles makes it difficult for the RV to turn properly and the RV collides with the other motorist, you will still be at fault.

An RV is more prone to a roll-over. If your RV rolls over and collides with another vehicle, you will be held responsible for the collision if the actions you took as a motorist lead you to lose control. An RV is most likely to roll-over in high winds. You will need to drive slower than the speed limit. Also, you should make slow turns and should try to avoid changing lanes. If you experience strong winds, you should focus on getting off of the road until the wind subsides. 

You Must Follow Unique Statewide RV Laws

If you violate any state laws regarding recreational vehicles or automobiles in general, you will more likely be held liable for any damages caused. Because of the unique challenges associated with defending yourself after an RV crash, you will need to work with a motorcycle vehicle accident lawyer who is experienced with cases involving RV crashes. Also, make sure to choose a lawyer experienced with motor vehicle accident law within the state in which you had the accident.


16 November 2015