Prepare Paperwork, Obtain Documentation, And Hire An Attorney Before Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits

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If you were involved in a car accident several months ago and now walk with a permanent limp and are experiencing debilitating back pain that is making it impossible for you to return to work, you can seek social security disability benefits to help cover your upcoming living expenses. The following tips will assist with preparing paperwork, providing documentation, and hiring an attorney to assist with being approved for benefits. 

Obtain And Fill Out An Application And Collect Documentation

Obtain a disability benefits application from your local social security office. Read over the application in detail before filling in any of the blank fields. Detailed instructions will be enclosed with your application to assist with completing it properly. If you have difficulty reading, writing, or understanding some of the terminology that is listed on the application, call the local social security office for help with completing the application.

Collect detailed information from the doctor who treated you for your injuries, including documentation concerning your diagnosis, prognosis, current medications, and physical disabilities and place the application and information from the doctor in a safe spot in your home until you meet with an attorney.

Meet With An Attorney And Follow Their Lead

Call several social security attorneys who practice in the area and ask them any questions that you have about the approval process and the length of time that you may need to wait. If you are immobilized at the current time, you can make an appointment to have an attorney meet you at your home if you prefer. Otherwise, meet with a law firm like Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law at their office and provide them with the application and documentation that you have collected.

Your attorney will let you know how your case will unfold and how they plan to present your current situation when it is time for your court date. Follow the advice that your attorney provides you with, including attending doctors visits when necessary and taking medication as prescribed. Keep a journal of any upcoming changes with your health and provide the new information to your lawyer. 

Complete All Requirements That A Judge States

On the day of your court hearing, be mindful of the judge and others in the courtroom and remain seated and quiet unless called upon. Your attorney may have advised you to let them do all of the speaking on your behalf. If this is the case, patiently wait for them to present your case and prepare yourself for the outcome.

If a judge would like you to be seen by a state licensed doctor who is commonly used as a practitioner for pending disability cases, abide by the advice and show up for your appointment on time. If the judge would like you to meet with a physical therapist or another licensed specialist, make every effort to follow their demands. By being cooperative and following orders, your claim may be approved in a shorter amount of time.   


20 June 2017