Opting To Put A Prenuptial Agreement In Place

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Getting married is a joyful thing to experience in life, and sometimes it happens when least expected. For instance, it is possible for two people to get attached to one another shortly after they met and want to move forward with marriage. If you are currently involved in such a situation, it is worth giving some consideration to putting a prenuptial agreement in place. This is because you and your partner have not known each other long, and a prenuptial agreement provides some legal protection in the event that the marriage ends. In this article, you will discover why hiring a family lawyer to get a prenuptial agreement is a wise decision.

Your Premarital Assets Will Be Protected

Being that you don't know your partner that well, it is a good idea to protect your assets in case the marriage goes bad fast. A prenuptial agreement can actually protect your partner's premarital assets as well. Basically, a lawyer can draft up rules that makes it legal for you to keep all of your premarital assets if the marriage ends, as well as your partner being able to do the same. You can also make a rule where keeping premarital assets is only relevant if the marriage doesn't last for a specific length of time. Keep in mind that specific assets can be pointed out in the prenuptial agreement as well.

Rules Can Be Set in Regards to Future Decisions

Making decisions about certain aspects of a marriage can cause a large amount of conflict, especially if you or your partner views everything differently. For example, if the two you happen to have children one day, decisions will have to be made in regards to how the children are raised. You might want your children to attend a public school, while your partner might want them to be schooled at home. Decisions can be predetermined by getting a prenuptial agreement, and the type of decisions that can be put into the agreement is unlimited.

Alimony Can Be Planned Out in the Agreement

Alimony is one of the common things that come up in a divorce, especially when there is a substantial amount of money in the marriage. Basically, alimony is often paid to the partner that is used to receiving financial support from the other partner. A prenuptial agreement can prevent a partner from receiving alimony under certain conditions, such as if the marriage ends too soon.


24 June 2017