What Happens When The Other Driver Lies In A Car Accident?

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So, you've been hit by another driver while on the road. The person gets out of their car and seems apologetic and exchanges insurance information with you. You develop a follow-up plan only to find out that the driver is completely uncooperative once you leave the scene. Here are some ways you can right the situation on your own.

They Failed to Follow Up

The other driver might have said they would be filing an insurance claim the same day. But a week passes and no one from their insurance company has followed up with you. What's worse, they don't return your calls. This isn't necessary a sinister thing. People can be busy or just lazy; you don't know for sure what's going on with them. But, of course, they could be trying to dodge their responsibilities to you. In either case, you'll want to follow up with a personal injury accident attorney who can stay on top of the situation a little better. You or your lawyer may have to do a lot of the legwork to get the case started.

They Gave the Wrong Insurance Information

Another issue is when the other person gives you the wrong insurance information. This isn't always sinister, either. They could have provided an old insurance card that has the wrong information. But if they provided completely fraudulent information, that's against the law and you have a case on your hands. Your lawyer can help you track down the correct insurance information to report the claim. If the person was uninsured at the time, you could try a personal injury claim. But, unfortunately, an uninsured driver is probably not the type of person you could get a lot of money out of in a lawsuit.

They Lied to the Insurance Company

A third type of falsehood is when the person says something to the insurance company that is entirely against what really happened. It may take a little bit of effort to prove they were lying, but it can be done.

Your accident attorney will need to review statements that were given by the other party and compare them with your own to produce inaccuracies between the two. A collision reconstruction company can be called in to give an expert opinion on how the two cars probably collided. If there were witnesses, you will need to get strong statements from them on what happened. Talk with an accident attorney such as Kaston & Aberle for more information.


28 June 2017