Ways A Lawyer Can Assist With Child Custody In A Divorce

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Children are often the ones that are affected the most when a divorce takes place. The situation can really get bad when there is no cooperation between the parents during the divorce process. For instance, determining who gets custody of the children is one of the things that some couples argue about during a divorce. A great way to keep such a situation as cordial as possible is to hire a lawyer to assist with determining how child custody should be handled. This article provides information in regards to how a lawyer might be able to help with a child custody battle during a divorce.

1. Discuss the Best Environment for the Children

The main concern that should be discussed is which type of environment will be in the children's best interest. For instance, the lawyer will ask about the types of careers that you and your spouse have. If one of you have to travel away from home a lot for work, it might be better off for the children to live primarily with the other parent. Don't be alarmed if the lawyer asks if you or your spouse have any problems with abusing alcohol or drugs. His or her main job will be to make it easy with determining who the kids should live with, as it can prevent a possibly long custody battle in court.

2. Make Sure Time is Spent with Both Parents

No matter who the lawyer determines is most suitable for the children to live with, he or she will also assist with making sure both parents spend time with them. In some cases, a joint custody arrangement will be suggested, such as if both parents are suitable. If one of you get primary custody of the children, visitation or weekends should be granted to the other parent. A lawyer can come up with a custody arrangement that satisfies the needs of all parties. The key will be making sure the children don't feel as though they are being neglected by one of their parents.

3. Arrange for Child Support Payments to Be Made

Child support is commonly requested in a divorce, as it can sometimes be financially difficult for a parent to support children alone. It is typical for the parent that has primary custody to receive child support payments. However, a child custody lawyer can also setup an alternative agreement that meets the needs of you and your spouse. For example, an agreement can be arranged in which no one is legally obligated to pay child support. Both parents will basically support the children when they are in their care, or at any other time money is needed.


24 July 2017