Lump Sum Payments From Social Security Disability

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If you've been unable to work at your job because of a medical condition, you may qualify for Social Security benefits. As everyone knows, these valuable benefits are paid on a monthly basis. In most cases, it can take a very long time to actually get your benefits started. The application and approval process can take months or even years. Read on to learn how the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows you to get a lump sum payment of your benefits.

The Application Date

As soon as you know that you have become too sick to work, file your application right away. You can only get benefits that go back to the day the SSA received your application, so waiting to file could end up costing you money. Your application date is known by the SSA as the "alleged onset date" (AOD). You will need to assemble your medical records to prove your condition and be sure you continue to seek medical care for your illness. You will find that getting approval hinges on being able to prove your medical condition.

The Waiting Period

Once you apply for Social Security and your application is approved for benefits, you are in for more waiting. Every applicant, regardless of their medical condition, must undergo a mandatory five-month waiting period where no benefits are either accrued or paid. For example, if you finally got approved for benefits on July 1st, your actual start date for those benefits would not be before December 1st of that same year.

Your Back Pay

No matter how long it takes to get benefits, you are eligible to receive payment for some of those months spent waiting for an approval. With the exception of the five-month waiting period, you will receive pay for every month between the time of your AOD and the present. This payment is given to you all at once, or lump sum.

Getting Help for Denials

It must be mentioned that you should never just give up when you are facing a denial letter from the SSA. Often, the applications are tricky and filling them out properly can be extremely confusing and difficult, particularly if you are dealing with illness. The SSA has in place a method for dealing with these cases and you are entitled to an appeal hearing. Here, you can plead your case and get your claim approved for benefits and for your lump sum back pay. You can get legal help with your case by speaking to a Social Security law office like Parmele Law Firm, PC today.


4 March 2018