Attorney Tips For Avoiding Accidents For Newly-Licensed Motorcycle Drivers

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If you recently got your motorcycle license and a new bike, then it is important you know how to avoid common motorcycle accidents while you are on the road. While riding a bike is fun and free, it is also more dangerous than riding in a car or truck. For this reason, it is vital you learn to avoid common accident scenarios. To this end, below is a list of tips for accident avoidance strategies from attorneys at motorcycle accident law firms.

Always Assume No One Can See You

As you ride your bike down the highway, you should always assume that no one can see you. Even if you wear colorful clothing and keep your distance from other vehicles, it is still very possible that the drivers around you haven't seen you. Since one of the most common types of bike accident is when a car hits one that they claim they didn't see, you should always keep your distance and ensure you were seen before passing.

Be Vigilant About Spotting Obstructions in the Roadway

When you are driving a car, running over a tree branch or tire tread on the highway isn't really a big deal. However, these common road obstructions can easily cause a motorcycle accident. To prevent this type of preventable accident, make sure you are very vigilant about watching the road surface for obstacles.

Practice Braking in a Safe Space

Since your ability to safely stop your bike in an emergency situation will be the difference between your driving off or being peeled off the pavement by a paramedic, you need to be an expert with your braking technique. The best way to increase your braking skills is to take your bike to a safe space, such as an empty grocery store or mall parking lot, and practice stopping. Even though you may believe you have adequate driving skills, if you are ever involved in a situation where you have to stop short, you will be very glad you spent the time working on your braking ability.

Keep Your Motorcycle Well Maintained

Finally, it is very important you keep your new motorcycle well maintained. While a mechanical problem in a car will strand you on the side of the road, a mechanical problem with your bike could be fatal if something malfunctions while you are driving down the highway. For this reason, you must always inspect your bike before riding it and keep it well maintained.


4 April 2018