5 Tactics For Getting More Money For Your Car Accident Injury

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When you suffer an injury due to a car accident that wasn't your fault, you may have more challenges coming your way. Just because you present the insurance company with evidence of your injuries and medical treatment needs doesn't mean they'll give you the amount of money you're asking for. Insurance companies are usually trying to pay as little as possible on any claims. What methods can you use to get more money?

1. Make a Record of Everything That Happened

A driver apologizing to you after an accident may not seem like much, but in a court, this could be taken as an important admission. In such accidents, no detail is too small to be left out. Under the right microscope, these small details can provide a great deal of insight into what factors caused the accident to take place, e.g. the other driver was in a hurry to get somewhere or were distracted for a moment by a passenger.

2. Record Your Pain and Suffering

Apart from the cost of getting your injuries treated, you'll also want the insurance company to pay you for the pain and suffering you'll be going through as a result of these injuries. Do you now suffer from constant headaches, does your back constantly hurt, or are you unable to participate in sports and other activities? All these will help to make a case for why your pain and suffering requires compensation.

3. Let Your Doctor Know About Anything That Hurts

Be sure to make a complaint about any part of your body that hurts. This is not the time to be a hero. It's common for people to focus on the major injuries following an accident, but this doesn't mean the smaller aches and pains should be forgotten. In fact, these smaller aches could be around for many more months or years and could require a lot more treatment.

4. Get a Doctor's Note if You Miss Work

Even if your employer doesn't require you to have a doctor's note, you should get one anyway. If you intend to make a claim for lost earnings as well, you'll need to prove that your injuries were the reason why you failed to show up for work.

5. Don't Exaggerate

As any car accident attorney will tell you, nothing dooms a case faster than a lie or even stretching the truth. Even if you suffered significant injuries during the accident, stretching the truth could cost you everything.

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24 October 2018