The Legal Aspects Of Building Construction

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Whether it be purchasing a commercial building or home, it is often more exciting to purchase a newly constructed building. You not only get the pleasure of knowing that no one else has made any special memories in the structure, but also that there are no spills on the carpet or other types of damage from a previous owner. With all of the excitement that comes with new building construction, there also comes a lot of stress if you are not caution about who is put in charge of the project. For example, the building can be constructed in an amateur manner that leads to numerous costly mistakes if the right contractor isn't hired. On rare occasions, mistakes are made even when carefully choosing a contractor, which is why you should hire a construction attorney to ensure that there is a legal contract in place for your protection.

Excessively Going Over the Agreed Budget

When hiring an attorney for a building contract, one of the most important things that is usually discussed is the budget. As a professional, a contractor should have a general idea of what specific projects will cost to complete, including hiring sub-contractors, ordering supplies, and anything else that requires spending money. Although it isn't a major concern for a contractor sometimes needing to go over the budget, it can be a problem when he or she must go excessively over the agreed amount of money. An attorney can mention the budget in a drafted contract and explain what can legally happen if the contractor requests more money than you initially agreed to spend. For example, if the need for more money is due to the contractor's mistakes, you can hold him or her legally responsible.

Responsibility for Sub-Contractor Injuries

Construction work is a dangerous job that sometimes leads to contractors getting injured during the process. However, just because the contractors are working on your property doesn't mean that you should be held responsible for injuries if they occur during the construction process. For example, if a sub-contractor happens to get injured, it is fair if he or she holds the general contractor responsible, such as by filing an insurance claim with his or her provider. An attorney can ensure that your contract clearly states that you cannot be held responsible for injuries during the construction process.

A Realistic Timeline for Project Completion

No one desires to wait for a long time for a construction project to be completed, although it is necessary in some cases. A general contractor should be able to give you a realistic deadline for your specific project, even if it might possibly take a little longer than projected. If he or she ends up going too much over the initial deadline, you can possibly take legal action depending on what you will allow an attorney to include in the construction contract.


16 July 2020