How A Birth Defect Lawyer Can Help Your Case

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A lot of things happen when a woman goes into labor. Sometimes, accidents can occur, leading to less-than-perfect outcome from the delivery process. At other times, medical professionals can act negligently, leading to lifelong health complications that might not have affected your child if the professional had followed the right procedures.

In cases where the medical professional knew the right procedures to follow and chose not to follow them, you, as the parent or child guardian, are allowed by the law to file a personal injury lawsuit against the errant practitioner. However, you will need the help and guidance of a competent birth defect lawyer. Here is how a birth injury lawyer can help.

Figuring Out If the Injury Is Preventable

The start of every congenital disability lawsuit should be the simple question of whether the defect could have been prevented. Doctors, nurses, midwives, gynecologists, and other healthcare professionals, who are generally present in the delivery room, can tell you what the preventable health issues were.

Their experience is enough to alert them when things are going wrong. They also have enough knowledge to determine what should be done when complications arise to safeguard the life of the mother and the child. The lawyer knows how to interrogate evidence and the events that led to the complications to protect your rights.

Finding Out If Your Case Is Classified Under Birth Defects

The second step in the process is finding out whether your child's defect is classified under the birth defects that generally get a hearing before settlement. The most common malpractices include failure to diagnose conditions during pregnancy, the use of excessive force during birth, a failure to intervene leading to hypoxia, and cerebral palsy. Another common birth defect issue is the incorrect administration of medication.

The lawyer will interrogate the medical staff and check records to determine where the mistake arose and if it was preventable.

Calculating How Much You Are Owed

The third step in the process is figuring out how much you are owed in compensation. After being compensated for medical malpractice, you can use that money for medical treatment, a home care nurse, therapy, counseling, and other support services. The lawyer will estimate the lifetime expenses you are likely to incur and quote the right figure in the claim.

These are three ways a personal injury attorney can help your case. Get a competent birth defect lawyer to work on your case for a quick resolution and favorable settlement.


17 September 2020