What Skills Are Required Of A Process Server In Canada?

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When you are taking legal action against an individual in Canada, you will need to hire a process server who will act as a neutral third party. There are no requirements for becoming a process server, but there are specific rules that a process server must follow to perform their jobs properly.

The Role of the Process Server

A process server will serve several types of documents including summons, legal notices, and other types of documents. These documents are served to individuals or parties who are involved in court cases.

The Background of a Process Server

The individuals who are hired to become process servers often worked in law enforcement previously or were private detectives. These skills allow the process server to track down individuals who do not want to be served and they are also used to following strict rules. The process servers do not have to attend a special school and will usually receive on-the-job training.

Process servers also often need to serve individuals internationally and will need to know the requirements for serving an individual in different countries. For example, both the United States and Canada have agreed to follow specific conventions regarding process serving.

Actions Taken by a Process Server

The process server will notify the recipient of the documents that they will need to appear before an administrative tribunal or a court. They will notify them by personally handing over documents. If they are not able to give these documents to the individual being served, they might hand them over to friends or family members. In other cases, they might serve them through the mail.

How to Hire a Process Server

Hiring a process server can be very easy. If you will only be serving one individual, you may be able to simply fill out a process service request online. The process server will then do all the work for you and you will be notified when the individual or party has been served. Then, you will be sent an invoice.

The proof of service might be sent by mail or by email. This is important because you will need proof that the individual was served to be able to move forward with your case.

If you would like to become a regular client, you may need to follow a different process. You will usually be given an account and given a username. Then, you will be able to order services from the company whenever you need it.

To learn more about process services in Canada, contact a process server.


31 January 2022