Consider These Points After A Motorcycle Accident

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Whether to hire a lawyer or not is always a big question after an accident. The below points should help you understand what you are facing in the coming weeks. Read on and make a good decision about your motorcycle accident case.

You Won't Need Money for Legal Fees

Money can be tight after a motorcycle accident. Fortunately, personal injury lawyers often work on what is called a contingency fee basis. If you win your case (or reach a settlement), your lawyer is paid a certain percentage of the money. If you end up not winning, your lawyer is paid nothing. The agreement you sign with the lawyer lays out the details of what legal services are covered and the percentage taken out of your winnings.

You Need to Act Quickly

Personal injury cases can often be filed several years after the accident. That doesn't mean you should wait that long, though. The sooner you speak to a lawyer about your motorcycle accident and get your case started, the sooner you can be paid. Also, evidence is often easier to gather if you do so soon after the accident.

Your Case Is More Important Than You Think

It's common for some motorcycle accident victims to think that they were lucky after an accident. However, this sort of accident can affect nearly every aspect of your life in ways you may only realize later. Even a minor accident can affect your finances, health, job, transportation, and mental health. You are entitled to be paid for those things, so seek them. Be assertive and contact a personal injury lawyer today.

Don't Accept Fault Automatically

Even though passenger vehicles are usually to blame after a motorcycle accident, that is not the case 100% of the time. For instance, the other driver could allege that you pulled out in front of them or that you had no headlights on. Whatever you do, don't allow the other side to get away with assigning you even a small portion of the blame. Fault dictates who must pay damages for both sides, and accepting it can have lasting implications. If you are being told that you are sharing the fault for an accident, speak to a personal injury lawyer right away.

Be Careful of Insurance Companies

Even if your own insurance is offering you a settlement, they might not necessarily have your best interests in mind. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and be supported by someone who understands motorcycle accidents and is on your side for the best reasons.

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18 July 2022