Useful Precautions When Dealing With A Failure To Appear Bail Bond

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When a person has to go to court after being released from jail and doesn't show up, a failure to appear warrant can be issued. Then in order to get out of jail again, you'll need to secure a failure to appear bail bond. Securing one and managing it won't be challenging if you look at this advice. 

See if the Original Bond Can be Reinstated First

If you got out of jail on a bond prior to failing to appear for your court date, then you should see if it can be reinstated. This may be possible depending on your reasons for missing the assigned court date. For instance, there might have been a personal emergency that prevented you from showing up.

You need to talk to a bail bond agency about these circumstances to see if the initial bond can be reinstated. If it can, the agency can submit a formal request to the appropriate correctional facility that you're being held at. If it can't be reinstated, you may have to get another bond to get out of jail. 

Find a Specialty Bail Bond Agency

You have a lot of different options as far as which bail bond agency you work with to get an FTA (failure to appear) bail bond, but it's imperative that you find a specialty agency in particular that works with FTA bonds all the time.

They'll know the circumstances you face and thus can work quickly to get the bond processed so that you can get out of jail again. They can go over your terms thoroughly too as to keep you from experiencing the same legal situation. 

Have FTA Penalties Broken Down by Bond Agency 

After failing to appear in court the first time and getting arrested for it, you want to avoid the same incident because your penalties are going to be much worse. You would probably have to spend more time in jail, as well as face heftier financial penalties.

For this reason, you should talk to a bail bond agency about FTA penalties when securing a bond. They'll give you clear insights on the gravity of your legal situation, which can help you take everything in and better your odds of showing up to court at the appropriate time and date.

Failure to appear after getting out of jail can be a nerve-wracking experience, but you can move forward by securing an FTA bail bond. As long as you understand what it involves and work with the right agency to get it, you can improve your legal situation.

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11 August 2022