4 Important Ways To Document A Car Accident Using Photos And Video Footage

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The average individual does not get into a vehicle expecting to be involved in a car accident. However, it is a reality that often is the result of another individual's negligent driving. Serious injuries can occur even if the damage to vehicles appears minimal. Accident victims need to ensure that they seek medical attention after accidents to avoid surprises such as hidden vehicle damage and hidden injuries. Sometimes both of these issues may be obvious days after accidents have occurred.

Prompt reporting to law enforcement and emergency medical care can protect victims against being responsible for costly vehicle repairs and medical bills from hidden injuries such as whiplash. Nowadays, most individuals have access to cell phones that have video and photo-capturing possibilities. Witnesses may also be able to assist with ensuring that evidence about accidents is properly documented. Some homes have cameras on their doorbells or home monitoring systems. Municipalities also have cameras that may capture footage of accidents. The following points highlight photo and video information to get after a car accident.

License Plate Number(s)

It is important to capture the license plate(s) of vehicle(s) involved in accidents. Some car accidents involve more than two vehicles and there may also be more than two or more drivers determined to be at fault. Capturing license plate numbers at the scene of accidents can help to ensure that hit-and-run drivers do not get away with their crimes and face responsibility for causing accidents.

Accident Scene

There are a variety of things to take into consideration about the scene of an accident. Individuals should take time to note traffic cameras, lights, and signs. It is also a good idea to look for skid marks on the road and photograph them. Sometimes phones get damaged in vehicle accidents. Witnesses may be willing to take the necessary photos or videos.


Photographing all vehicles involved in an accident at the time it occurs is important because it documents the damages after the accident. Photos and videos that are taken at a later date might be challenged by the at-fault driver's insurance company.

Noticeable Injuries

Sometimes victims have noticeable injuries after accidents. These need to be documented even if individuals seek medical attention. Broken bones, bruising, missing teeth, and difficulty walking are examples of noticeable injuries. 

A car accident lawyer is a good resource to use to understand how photos and video footage can be used to strengthen a personal injury case. The main thing to remember is that these types of evidence can be used to corroborate victim and witness accounts of what transpired. The documentation can also be used to determine fault and what caused the accident. Armed with these photo and video tips, you can help victims who are involved in accidents if they are unable to do it themselves. 

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9 September 2022