3 Reasons To Hire A Civil Litigation Attorney

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While most television dramas feature criminal attorneys, the fact is that a vast number of lawyers practice civil law exclusively. Civil law is a system of rules that revolves around the relationships people in a society have to one another and attempts to articulate these individuals' duties and rights. Because civil law encompasses a wide variety of industries and fields (and by definition does not include crimes), it may be difficult to know when a situation you are involved in calls for civil litigation. Read on below for just a few common examples that call for hiring a civil litigation attorney.

Real Estate

Disputes that take place in the realm of real estate are all too frequent. Serious disputes can arise for any number of reasons. For example, you may feel that another party has breached a contract in some way that renders it void, or that they have failed to disclose something relevant about a property that negatively affects its value. It may even be something seemingly minor — such as a boundary dispute — that actually has major implications. If you have found yourself in such a situation, it is worthwhile to seriously consider retaining the services of a civil litigation attorney.


Breaches of contract are also grounds for civil litigation in the corporate world. However, other kinds of cases — such as those that involve intellectual property or employment disputes — also necessitate legal representation. An unfortunately common reason many people hire civil litigation attorneys is discrimination against an employee or customer. Whether you are running a business that you feel has been unfairly accused of discrimination or you are an employee who has suffered discriminatory acts in the workplace yourself, an attorney can help you begin the litigation process by filing or responding to a complaint and subsequently navigating the discovery process.

Tort (Wrongful Act) Claims

Many civil cases begin with a tort claim. A tort is a legal term for any act that negatively impacts a person in such a way that they deserve compensation. Examples of these kinds of acts include medical malpractice, assault, damage to personal property, and others that are considered negligent or fraudulent. If you believe you have been the victim of such an act, don't hesitate to get in touch with a civil litigation attorney who can consult with you and offer expert advice on the next steps to take.

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25 January 2023