3 Important Things You Should Know Before You Bail a Loved One Out of Jail

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You probably do not want to think about the prospect of a loved one getting arrested. However, many people face this life-changing event. In many cases, the accused individuals will need the help of a loved one to bond them out of jail, and that is the beginning of what could be a long legal battle. People who have never had to seek the services of a bail-bond agency often do not understand what their responsibilities are when they bond someone else out of jail.

9 November 2016

5 Ways A Paralegal Can Help You Run A Legal Business

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In Canada, there are quite a few ways paralegals can assist you if you run a business. Your law firm is already on solid ground, but a team of paralegals could be exactly what you need to kick up your level professionalism a notch or two. Not only do paralegals provide you with assistance, but they can also help your clients. 1. Paralegals can draft documents. When you are busy taking care of important work, paralegals can draft documents so you do not have to.

28 October 2016

3 Reasons Your Car Accident Case May Be Delayed

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If you have been involved in a car accident and have sustained a number of injuries, you may be seeking compensation through a personal injury case. Still, your case is unlikely to be resolved in a couple of weeks. There are multiple delays that can surface to cause your car accident case to remain open for a period. Here are a few of them:  You are still actively receiving medical care.

25 May 2016

Does A Client Owe You Money For A Previous Job? Seek Out Legal Assistance

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When you work as an independent contractor, it can be difficult to get paid from all the people you work for. You don't have the peace of mind of having direct deposit put your money in your bank account every two weeks, and you must track who has paid you and go after those that forgotten. When you are having difficulties getting paid from someone that you have worked for, it may require legal assistance to finally get the money that is owed to you.

7 April 2016

Youth Offenders: Will Your Age Affect Your Case?

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As you may already know, certain cases are handled differently in Canada if you are a youth. If you're wondering if your case is going to be affected by your age, you will want to talk to a criminal lawyer, such as Wojick Stephen R, about your individual situation. These are a few things that you can look at to get an idea of whether or not your age will affect your case, however.

2 February 2016