How One Car Accident Can Turn Into A Lifetime Of Problems And Why You Should Sue

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Car accidents are never as simple as they seem. In fact, you could walk away from an accident one day, but discover dozens of problems the next. Here is how one car accident can turn into a lifetime of problems, and why you need to sue now and not later. Physical Injuries That Go Unnoticed After an Accident Most people are unaware and do not realize that you hardly feel much after an accident.

4 December 2017

Five Mistakes To Avoid With Estate Planning

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Do you have a spouse, kids, and other family members who mean the world to you?  Do you possess valuable items such as property or financial investments? Then, you've probably considered leaving your assets to your loved ones when you die.  Early estate planning is vital but be aware of these five common mistakes: Not Having an Estate Plan If you do not have an estate plan (or will), the State will decide how your assets are divided.

5 November 2017

2 Unique Ways To Avoid An Auto Accident This Snowy Winter

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If you are one of the 70 percent of Americans who live in an area of the country where the winter weather can turn extreme, then you may be dreading yet another season of driving in the snow, ice, and sleet while hoping you avoid an auto accident. On an average year, close to 1,000 people die and another 76,000 people are injured in auto accidents that occur on snowy or icy roads.

6 October 2017

4 Things To Remember At Your Consultation With A Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you're facing criminal charges, it's generally best to hire a criminal defense attorney to help you. Before you do this, however, you will generally need to go to a consultation. These are a few tips to help you make the most of your consultation: 1. Schedule an Appointment First of all, make sure that you call and schedule an appointment for your consultation rather than just showing up at the law firm.

19 September 2017

What To Do After An Automobile Accident

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Understanding what to do after an automobile accident can help save time and money and help you build a strong case. Automobile accidents are often terrifying, and the mix of fear and adrenaline can make people do things that are not in their best interest. Taking some time now to learn how to react to automobile accidents will help you in the event that you are in one. Stay on the Scene of the Accident

12 September 2017

Can Your Child Support Payments Be Increased For Private School Tuition?

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Child support payments are designed to help with a wide range of financial needs for your child. The child's education is often a consideration when an order of support is issued. If your child attends private school, you could be held responsible for paying some or all of the tuition. If you are facing paying for tuition, here is what you need to know. Can You Push for Enrollment in a Public School?

29 August 2017

Can You Face Criminal Charges For Your Child's Behavior?

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When a minor commits a destructive act, such as damaging property, the victim can take the parents to civil court and possibly receive an award to settle the case. In criminal cases, parents are not always held responsible for their children's actions. However, there are some instances in which the court might decide the parent should share some of the responsibility. If you are worried about facing criminal charges because of your child's actions, here is what you need to know.

21 August 2017

Parent Has Dementia? Have Them Sign A Living Will And Financial Durable Power Of Attorney

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If your parent has been diagnosed with dementia, it is a slow-progressing disease. They generally go through seven stages and the first stage may last a few years. This gives you a lot of time to prepare for when your parent gets to the last stage and they have no memory at all. To start with, you should have your parent sign a living will and a durable financial power of attorney.

7 August 2017

Two Situations When You Should Consult A Workers' Compensation Attorney

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When you're injured on the job, you have the right to file a workers' compensation claim to seek restitution for your injuries. Workers' compensation will typically cover your injury-related medical expenses and a portion of your salary for lost work time. If you live in a no-fault workers' compensation state, you might think that you won't need the services of an attorney during your claim. However, there are some situations where you should still consider retaining one.

29 July 2017

Ways A Lawyer Can Assist With Child Custody In A Divorce

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Children are often the ones that are affected the most when a divorce takes place. The situation can really get bad when there is no cooperation between the parents during the divorce process. For instance, determining who gets custody of the children is one of the things that some couples argue about during a divorce. A great way to keep such a situation as cordial as possible is to hire a lawyer to assist with determining how child custody should be handled.

24 July 2017